As we advanced to the 21st century, the digital landscape flourished, and there was a profound shift in how companies advertised, moving primarily from print to digital advertising.

Digital advertising is still the most cost-effective when reaching large audiences in multiple regions, or even the entire country; however, it may not always be the most effective. For instance, the best approach for a local campaign may be a multi-media mix that includes physical resources like large format signage.

Today, with the ever-evolving technology of large format printers, a specialized industry has emerged called Wholesale Large Format Printing. It’s a niche market that caters to trade-only businesses in the print industry. Wholesale large format printing requires the operation of advanced machinery with mass/precision output and, fortunately, fast turnaround.

While many small businesses in the trade typically create their own off-set marketing materials, turning them into large format marketing is no simple feat. There are roughly 9,564 digital printing businesses in America, according to IBISWorld, so you have plenty of options to choose from. The best way to keep overhead costs low and capitalize on profit is to make sure you’re partnering with a trade-only wholesale digital printer. Below are just a few examples of businesses that benefit from working with trade printers to expand their product offerings.

Physical Products for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers work with their clients on a variety of projects, and many have clients who want to take their digital images into the physical world. By partnering with large-scale print companies, they are able to provide their clients with a wide range of merchandise, including banners, magnets, posters, and more. By leaving the printing to the specialists, they guarantee a beautiful transformation of their digital designs to print media for their clients.

Product Packages for Advertising Agencies

When businesses turn to advertising agencies, they expect to get comprehensive services from campaign development to ad distribution. Most advertisers specialize in developing effective campaigns but need a partner company to create physical media for their campaigns. In order to offer truly comprehensive services, they work with professional printers to create wholesale vinyl banners, yard signs, and much more for their clients.

Print Options for Photographers

While much of the photography world has gone digital, nothing can replace the use of physical photographs for home and commercial use. By offering high-quality photo prints on a wide range of materials from posters to window clings, photographers can expand their clientele and increase their earnings from each individual photoshoot. Working with a wholesale large format printing company allows photographers to focus on the heart of their work -- taking beautiful pictures -- while the printers take care of the rest.

Event Signage for Large Venues

From trade shows to political rallies, all events hosted at large venues rely on signage for advertising and wayfinding purposes. Exceptionally large venues need wholesale vinyl banners, retractable banners, wall clings, and mesh banners, among other signage, to attract the attention of event attendees. Typically, venues partner with wholesale large format printing companies to offer signage services to their clients.

All kinds of businesses rely on wholesale large format printing to provide comprehensive services for their clients. Leaving the printing to the specialists allows small business owners to focus on their core services. If you’re looking for wholesale printing services, call Supreme Color Graphics today!