Artwork submitted for production must be press-ready to ensure best turn-around time and quality.

Large Files: Please upload to

Please contact us for Custom-Cut Requirements, Custom Grommet Placement, Pole Pockets & Wind Slit set up.  Please note: Improperly prepared files can cause delays in production.

Quick Checklist

► Type is legible and crisp

► Page layout is correct

► Margins are set

► Artwork matches the specified dimensions

Formatting & Color Requirements


High Resolution PDF Files - Vector artwork is best.

For Excellent Output, 300 dpi is preferred.

Include all support art (fonts, linked images, etc.)

Do not include printer marks such as crop marks and print registration marks in your print-ready files.

Flatten all files - DO NOT preserve editing capabilities when saving as a PDF.


The art board itself shoudl be at actual size. In other words, if the finished sign is supposed to be 24"x18", the artwork must be sent to us as 24"x18". 

In Adobe Illustrator, set up your artboard at the finished size, and use that to build your file - your artboard will act as your template.


Fonts must be converted to outlines. If fonts are not converted to outlines, please provide TruType Fonts.


Provide files in CMYK format. Artwork built in a different color space may not print the correct color.


If Pantone colors need to be matched, please specify on your order. We recommend using the Pantone Color Bridge (Coated) Swatch Book, or finding your CMYK equivalent online, to choose the color(s) you need prior to uploading your art files. Spot ink colors like Pantone will not always reproduce correctly in print. We will make the closest possible approximation to most spot inks, be we cannot guarantee spot color matching. We do not print metallic, fluorescent, or reflective colors.