As a business owner in the printing industry, there is an expansive range of products you can sell. From promotional items to brochures or signs, the possibilities are infinite. Finding your niche by choosing a genre of bestselling products will increase your chance of success. Don’t overwhelm your customers. Make their order a quick and painless process so they keep coming back to you for more!

For small business owners, one tried and true method of advertising is yard signs--a product you don’t want to leave out of your “toolbox.” According to the U.S, Chamber of Commerce, there are over 33 million small businesses across the United States. Capturing just a small percentage of that business in your local area can make a big impact on your revenue! If you aren’t able to print yard signs in-house, you have plenty of options available to help your customers get their “must have” advertising; consider a trade-only printer!

Purchasing wholesale yard signs from a trade-only printer has many benefits:

1. They Are the Experts

When you partner with a large format trade-printer to produce wholesale yard signs, you don’t have to be the expert, because they are! Let them do the work for you so you can focus on your area of expertise.

2. Price

When you work with a large format trade printer, “wholesale yard signs” isn’t just a marketing term to draw you in; it is actually cost-effective because they buy in bulk and print on large sheets, reducing the cost to you!

3. Turnaround Time

As a large format trade-printer with state-of-art printers and cutters, producing high-quality wholesale yard signs takes no time at all. We know your customers want their signs fast, and it is standard to receive signs within five to seven days depending on the quantity you’re ordering.

4. Shipping

With the modern automations in the shipping industry, the cost to ship has decreased, which has allowed national companies to ship high volumes at a flat-rate price.

5. Marketing Collateral

If you looking for a way to advertise wholesale yard signs, there are some trade printing companies that will provide access to promotional resources. For instance, if you are an email subscriber, Supreme Color Graphics, LLC, provides unbranded customer-friendly flyers in their monthly emails. As a reseller, all you have to do is download the ad, and then use it to promote to your customer base, along with any other prospects in your area.

For wholesale yard signs, you can promote to realtors, schools, event coordinators, politicians, retail businesses, non-profit organizations--the list goes on! Contact Supreme Color today for wholesale yard signs, wholesale vinyl banners, and any other large format signage needs!