According to MMR, it is projected to grow 5.48% from 2022-2029. Therefore, as a reseller in the printing industry, it's important to have a relationship with a wholesale large format printing company. With fast turnaround times and lower costs, many of your clients will feel at ease knowing they can rely on you for trade banners and other things printed in a large size. Here are a few businesses and organizations that frequently need these types of products.

1. Political Campaigns

The most common type of sign used by political campaigns is your average lawn sign, but it shouldn't be the only thing used to get the voters' attention. Banners and rally fans at events, windows clings at their office, and vehicle magnets can all help increase the chances of gaining more votes. Due to the evolution of printer technology advancements along with high adoption rates, the demand for large format digital printing has grown exponentially over the last several years. 

2. Stores

Retail settings need a wide variety of signage, so once your client approves the final artwork, submit the order to your trusted wholesale large format printing company and let them make your client's vision a reality. Stores will need signage to showcase new items, inform customers about ongoing sales, make special announcements, and help customers navigate the store. Large chains will need a copy of each sign for every location, which is a great business opportunity for you.

3. Sales Businesses

The most essential step to making a sale is to be seen by your potential customer in the first place. If your sales business clients are struggling, more signage could help. The exact signage needs will depend on what they're selling, but any kind of signage is better than none. Additionally, these companies need to advertise at tradeshows and conferences, which will require different types of signs. Help them outfit their booth with signage that can grab the attention of anyone walking by!

4. Real Estate

Some properties are found online, but a good "for sale" or "for lease" sign can't be beaten. Each real estate agent needs their own signage, which usually includes a photo of them, and sometimes the property that's for sale. By working with even one real estate agency, on both residential and commercial properties, you can get a lot of work designing and ordering wholesale signs.

These are just a few groups that require large format printing. If you're a reseller, it's important to offer these kinds of products to gain more business. Are you looking for a wholesale large format printing supplier? Call Supreme Color Graphics today. We offer a wide range of products and excellent customer service.