trade large format printing

There are over 9,500 digital printing businesses in the US, according to IBISWorld. That’s a lot of options, and choosing the best printing company needs to be easy and quick since we are in the business of fast turnaround times! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right printing company.

1. Know Your Project Details – Quantities and Measurements

The easiest way to select the best printing company for any given project is to ensure that the company you are considering can handle projects in the proper format needed, and can do it efficiently. An offset printing business that prints small format newsletters or brochures, might not be able to handle a life-size standee or 5-foot-wide sign like a large format printing business can. Even if they can handle it, they may not have the experience to produce the highest quality job for your customer. Therefore, keeping a list of printing companies that specialize in various areas of printing is a great way to speed up your selection process.

2. Research Your Budgets

Doing this effectively will take some independent research, but can be done more efficiently through social media. If you need print collateral for a tradeshow, for example, becoming a member of an online networking community for the printing industry would be a great resource to give you a sense of the amount of capital you need. They may also be able to point you to a trade large format printer that can print large signs in high-quality and do it cost-effectively and in a timely manner. Doing research early on will help you set the right budget for future jobs.

3. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is super important in the printing industry. Most of your customers need their signs yesterday, so to speak, so finding a printer that can get your signs to you fast is key to success! Due to ever-evolving technology and automations in printers and in the shipping industry, your business now has access to printing companies around the country, so this gives you more options to find a printing vendor that best accommodates your customers' time frame.

4. Check Out Reviews

It’s important to gather certain information such as, who else has the printing company worked with? Was that person or business satisfied with their service? How well-known are they in their community? Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and reach out to others for feedback!

The fastest way to get feedback is to check out the company’s online reviews prior to choosing them. While online reviews need to be read with a grain of salt, reading over both good and bad reviews should give you a good sense of what the company is like. If there are any pictures attached to the reviews, be sure to look at those as well!

Whether you require a trade large format printing business or an offset printer, there will be important considerations to keep in mind. The key to a successful experience with a digital printer is communication. Printers can offer a wide variety of services. They’ll have widely different levels of experience with different projects. By communicating your format and budget with a reputable printer, you’ll get the most out of digital printing. If you’re looking for an expert trade large format printer, contact Supreme Color today!