Going to a trade show can improve your company's business presence and help you connect with a broader range of potential customers. Before going, you must make sure that you prepare your trade booth properly to ensure that it looks great and attracts as many people as possible. For example, you must create trade vinyl banners that stand out from your competitors. Here are eight things that you have to add to ensure they look as great as possible.

1. Business Name

First, your banner must include your business name at the top to let everyone know who you are as a company. Your name should be the biggest part of the banner, but not so large it overshadows everything else. Having a balance remains important here, and working with a professional can help you achieve it.

2. Logo

Next, you need to add your business logo and make it eye-catching and attractive. The logo should be the second-biggest part of your sign and should be as close to your business name as possible. Organize it so it reads logically and flows smoothly from left to right and top to bottom. The logo should also be scattered throughout the sign, particularly at eye level, to interest people in your business.

3. Company Motto

All companies have a motto or a mission objective that directs their operations. Try to print yours somewhere on your banner but don't make it the most prominent part of the banner. It's typically best situated just beneath your company's name. Here, people will connect it with your business and instinctively understand you're referring to your motto. That helps to imprint it in people's minds and makes it harder for them to forget.

4. Services

After you've completely advertised your business on the banner, you must let the public know exactly what you do. A good bulleted list can help here because you can highlight all your services quickly and efficiently. You don't need to add much information about your company but just enough so that people get interested. You want them to quickly know what kind of business you are but not give away too much in order to raise their imagination.

5. Contact Information

Now, make sure that your trade vinyl banners include your contact information, including your phone number, email, and fax number. You don't necessarily need to put every contact item on the banner if they don't fit. Just put those you're most likely to check and which prints the easiest on your banner. The contact information should be easy to read from a distance to ensure that people who see your banner from across the room can write it down.

6. Company Colors and Fonts

Spend time integrating high-quality colors and fonts that match your brand, including hues that pair well with your logo. Choose fonts that project a professional demeanor and colors that feel right for you. They should be vibrant and bright enough to catch your customers' eyes without being gaudy. There's a fine balance to strike here, so work with a professional who fully understands these simple design concepts.

7. Attractive Images

Scatter some fun and attractive pictures throughout your banner. These can vary depending on your needs, including happy people utilizing your products or services or simply an interesting color pattern. Your pictures should be large enough to see and reflect your business. Try highlighting interesting things about your operation. Don't add multiple tiny images, but instead, add a few large ones that are easier to spot.

8. Projects in the Works

Lastly, add a few words about your latest projects and upgrades, including the unique services and products you plan to add. This information should take up a small section on your banner but still look interesting. Add some photos that highlight these elements the best and create a small section on the banner where you can display them easily.

If you plan your trade vinyl banners using these simple design elements, they'll look great and likely attract more people to your booth every year. That said, you shouldn't handle this process alone, or you might make serious design mistakes affecting your banner quality. Thankfully, our team can help you by creating fantastic banners that meet your design needs. Call us today at Supreme Color Graphics to learn more about how we can help you.