Artwork submitted for production must be press-ready to ensure best turn-around time and quality.

If you have a specific problem that is not covered in this guide, or have other questions, feel free to contact us. Please note: Improperly prepared files can cause delays in production.

Quick Checklist

► Type is legible and crisp

► Page layout is correct

► Margins are set

► Artwork matches the specified dimensions

High Resolution PDF Files Preferred

Artwork must be built to size and in CMYK color space. Vector artwork is best; convert fonts to outlines and flatten all layer and transparency effects. 

Bleeds should be built in the file .125" for signs and posters, .25" for large format prints and at least 1" for banners. 

Multiple designs should be sent in separate files. 


If you must match a PMS color, please use that PMS color in your artwork and tell us what the color is (i.e. Pantone 103C). 

We do not print metallics, or fluorescent, or reflective colors.

Die-Cut Designs

If your design requires a die-cut for a custom shape, provide a vector cut path and assign the path to a spot color and rename it "cut" in the swatches palette (a colored outline is not a die-cut). 

If your design needs specific grommet, drill holes, or scoring, please mark it accordingly.

PDF Proofs Available Upon Request

If  you receive an electronic proof, your final product may not match the color you see on your computer screen. If your artwork is not press-ready, we are not responsible for unexpected results in the printed product.

If we have to modify your art, it is not press-ready. Press charges may apply if your artwork needs modification. If your design has a non-rectangular or custom-cut shape, provide a vector cut path on a separate layer. Assign the path a spot color and name the color "cut" in your swatches palette. 

If your design requires other finishing like drill holes or scoring, provide a vector path for these on a separate layer. Assign the path a spot color and name the color "drill" or "crease" (or something similarly depictive) in your swatches palette.

Vinyl Banners - Mesh Banners - Retractable Banners

We finish all of our vinyl and mesh banners with grommets and 1" hems.

Retractable Banner Template Available.